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Blaen Llia. 16th/17th April 2021

There was always only going to be one choice for our return to spending nights in the middle of nowhere.... The Brecon Beacons.

There are so many secluded spots where you can park up, every one of them equally as beautiful but we decided to head here as we'd already stayed overnight back in 2019 and knew it was such a great spot for our crazy doberman.

After winding through narrow roads, we turned up about 6pm, the sun was still shining, the air was still warm but we know how the temperature drops in the Beacons area at night.

By 8pm, as expected, the temperature had dropped so it was time to try out the new fire pit.

We settled down for the night at about 9pm, this was the first overnighter with the doggo, what with her being a long legged doberman plus 2 of us all in a small T5 we knew we wouldn't get much sleep 😂 and we wanted to be up early as we had a little 12 mile hike up in the mountains planned.


The Hike

Yep as expected... Didn't get much sleep, the doggo pretty much took over all the bed 😂. But we wouldn't have it any other way.

After some breakfast, we all got kitted out and started the first and longest climb following The Beacons Way up to the first ridge of Fan Llia

We then followed the ridge line over to Craig Cwm-Du

Then onwards for the last climb staying with The Beacons Way over to Fan Frynych and the perfect spot to have some snacks.

Finally from here it's pretty much all down hill picking up the old roman road at Nant Cwm-Du back to our overnight spot.

All in, a great 12 mile hike away from the honey pot of Pen Y Fan. The weather was spot on, clear skies with a slight breeze to keep the temperature down.

Back at the van, it was kettle on, boots off, cool your feet down in the river and enjoy the solitude before heading back home.

Such a perfect short break away in the middle of nowhere. Brecon Beacons never fails to impress and we are just so glad that they are only an hours drive from us.

I hope you've enjoyed this blog, I'm sure it won't be long before we're back here exploring soon.

Safe travels guys, live life by the compass and not the clock.

From us 2 macs and 1 crazy doberman enjoy every minute like it's your last.

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