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Planar 2D Diesel Night Heater

After the first 2 very cold weekends away in the van, I realised that I really needed to invest in a heater.

With so many different brands of heaters available, ranging from the expensive Webasto & Eberspacher (£800+) to the cheap chinese copies (£115+), being a novice at this campervan stuff, I got on ebay and ordered the first chinese copy that I saw. After waiting for nearly a month for it to arrive, the quality was not that great to be honest. The casing on the heater itself seemed really cheap, the weld on the exhaust manifold was not the best and had a few holes in it. I checked out the facebook page dedicated to these chinese heaters and all I came across was people asking for help with errors, problems, lack of spare parts etc, also when you fit something like this, you really want to make sure its safe! As I was not happy with this I thought "OK, looks like i'm going to have to shell out a good few bucks now for a genuine one."

As luck would have it, I came across a local company to me "Remapping The Way" who had a special offer of supplying and fitting The Planar 2k Night Heater for £650.

I had never heard of Planar, so out with trusty old Google, Planar are a Russian brand, so they have to hold up to the harshest of weathers. They are pretty new to over here in the UK, but they do come with a full 2 year guarantee and meet all regulations. 

I messaged Andrew at Remapping The Way, and before I knew it, i had booked my van in for the following month.

The install took only 3 hours, I had the option of either having the heater fitted under the van or inside under the drivers seat, I decided to go for inside. The fuel for the heater is taken from the main fuel tank so there was no need for the extra plastic fuel tank as you get with the chinese ones​. It also came with a 7 day timer controller.

Safe to say, I am absolutely delighted with this heater, these have got to be on the top of anyones list of upgrades. Within 10 minutes of turning on, the van is so toasy and warm. Money well spent.


For details on these heaters check out the Planar website here

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