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For our viewing pleasure, we opted for The Xtrons flip down DVD player monitor. TV was not that important but we did want a monitor with USB capability. This unit has a perfect size screen at 15.6" with full 1080p HD, USB port for connecting either a memory stick or hard drive for playback of digital movies. There is an option for adding a tv tuner if we really wanted to. Also there is an HDMI port for connecting maybe a games console etc.

It came with a disc of 32 games which you can play ( ok, not the best of games, but they would be ok to kill some time if your sat in the van in bad weather). The cost of this item was £190 from eBay, not a bad price for the quality of the picture and sound.



For installation, there was only 2 wires to connect, 12v live and earth, trickiest part was dropping the roof lining down and feeding the wires from the control panel on the van to the monitor. As all the cupboard units were already fitted and the roof lining was above them, I couldn't take it down completely, so just had to drop one corner of it and use an old coat hanger which I had straightened out to help feed the cables. As the monitor needed a good fixing, 2 pieces of wood were sikaflexed to the underside of the roof van, lining fixed back up, then monitor screwed up to the wood. Total installation time was about 4 hours in total over 2 days.

All in all, a great little monitor for a great price. Easy installation, good quality. Check out the link HERE for details. If there is anything you need to know regarding installation etc, feel free to send us a message.

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