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The Mac Pack

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

An introduction to the Dobermanns

I thought it's about time we introduced you to our 2 crazy rescue K9 companions, Hope & Jasper.


Hope is now 4, she joined us when she was 12 months old with no socializing or lead walking skills and definately no recall.

3 years of hard work and now she is the most gentle and loving dog that gets on with any other dog or person she meets, she has a zest for outdoor adventures and exploring and also enters canicross races with myself ranging from 6 miles to the longest so far of 22 miles.


Jasper joined us just 3 months ago, he is 3 years old and we had him from Doberman Rescue UK & Europe (DRUE) who are based in Stoke On Trent.

When they took him in he had anxiety issues due to stress which caused him to mutilate his own tail beyond repair. He underwent an operation to dock the damaged section of his tail, we adopted him then so he could recover in a stable home but unfortunately he had to go for another operation for a full tail dock as it didn't heal.

Thankfully, that has all healed up perfect now, but he still has a lot of issues which we have to deal with, he is lead reactive at the moment and does not know how to interact with other dogs. He is such a loving dog, we have a lot of work to do with him as yet, but we will get there eventually. He has come on such a long way already in the short time we have had him. He is so enjoying the freedom we are giving him now such as long walks/hikes, adventures in the campervan and the company of Hope to play with.

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